The high impact coaching and accountability program for women that struggle to get in shape

(and stay in shape)


  • We’ll work together for 8 weeks on your motivation and willpower so that you can lose weight AND keep it off without hating the process.​

  • Access to our Members Only Area where you will be able to gain access to your personalised program.

  • WEEKLY GOAL SETTING to make sure you stay on track.

  • I’ll organise and plan your daily or weekly calorie targets for you in a simple but super effective way so that it’s easy to stick to and it doesn’t require willpower.

  • A powerful, private weekly Q and A session where you can get coaching, mentoring and support from yours truly.

  • You’ll be involved in my powerful and uplifting community so that you stay super motivated and don’t fall off the wagon.


WEEK 1 & 2

You will get your program that you’ll be doing for the duration of Project Unstoppable

You’ll take this time to get familiar with your program and calorie goals.

WEEK 3 & 4

We’ll focus on what change that has happened and ENSURE we’re going the right direction.

WEEKS 5 & 6

These are weeks people usually lose motivation, I’m going to make sure you stay motivated and on form!

WEEKS 7 & 8

Mindset and staying committed to what we’ve achieved together. I’m going to ensure that you stay on track even when we’re done!

Live Q&As for you so that you have all of the support, accountability, coaching and mentoring you need to see powerful results.

I’m not here trying to give you a membership, I’m here because I want to solve your problem. ONCE AND FOR ALL.



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