We coach & empower women to build incredible bodies & unstoppable confidence without giving up the things they love. 

A Program thats not for Everyone

To become unstoppable you have to be...


Your willing to put in the effort thats required & to do the work even when its uncomfortable.


Your able to take action and implement the strategies and tools given to you by your coach.


Your ready to leave the old you behind, who's full of excuses and reasons why they cant reach their goals.

Unstoppable OG.


Hey, I'm Amy, and I created Project Unstoppable so that women like me could learn to  be confident, strong & healthy without giving up their social life or the foods they love.

More About Me

What can you expect from 

Project Unstoppable?

Strength & Fitness

You will learn how to become stronger and fitter without giving up your social life to spend your life in the gym.

Nutrition & Habits

You will learn how to drop unwanted body fat and tone up without giving up the foods you love.


You will be held to your actions so that you do what you said you would and show up as your best self every week!

Imagine 12 weeks from now...


Who do you want to be?