Ruth's Journey

Amy Massey is a great coach who provides a 'real life' breath of fresh air to personal training. 

Project Unstoppable is a complete lifestyle overhaul. 

Its not about diet fads or insane exercise programs. 
It works around your current life set up and needs, to create a new sustainable lifestyle. 
This is what makes it work for me. 

My top 3 wins are ....

1. Finally finding something that just slots into family life- kids and dog are now part of the #ProjectUnstoppablecrew! There are no special meals, long exercise programs or lists of restrictions.

2. Feeling physically and mentally fitter and stronger despite the challenges of lockdown. Making new friends has been an added bonus

3. Losing so many inches!! This is a much better gauge for me than weight these days.

Jodie's Journey

I was 8 weeks postnatal and needed to lose about 3 stone which I had gained during pregnancy.⁣

It seemed an impossible task but with Amy’s guidance and knowledge I have been able to lose almost 2 stone within 8 weeks.⁣

Project Unstoppable has taught me how to eat more of what I want without feeling guilty, not once have I felt hungry or had cravings or binge eaten. ⁣

I’ve also managed to follow exercise routines while looking after a baby which shows that anyone is more than capable of doing it. ⁣

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