Hello, I'm Amy Massey.


I've always loved weightlifting and being strong, but I struggled for nearly 18 years with getting a handle on my weight and disordered eating habits.

But everything changed when I learned how to love food without guilt and how to get in shape with exercise that I enjoy without punishment. 

My Story


From binging to fad dieting I spent 18 years with a very disordered way of trying to loose weight and be healthier.

Like every woman I spent hundreds maybe even thousands of pounds over the years trying the quick fix diets and in return I put on more weight and became unhappier because I couldn't see a way out of the vicious cycle I was in.

It took for me to have a nervous breakdown to finally say enough is enough and seek real help.

Unfortunately real help never came, but education did.

Over the last 4 years Ive been able to put together tried and tested methods on how to get in shape and live a healthy balanced life while still being able to enjoy all the delicious things life offers with 0 guilt! RESULT!

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